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Arizona Crew Roster


USS Arizona Crew Roster

This t-shirt design was created through six months of research confirming in great historical detail the names of each Crew Member of the USS Arizona on 12.7.41 whose names also appear on the Shrine Wall at the Memorial.

In total the names of 1177 Crew Members who perished are listed here along with in a second color, the 335 names of survivors, which include Lauren Bruner.

Lauren Bruner’s exclusive and personally narrated tour of the Arizona Memorial is offered exclusively by Roberts Hawaii through Voices of Pearl Harbor.

Lauren’s tour of the Memorial is the first in an exclusive series of tours of the great ships that now call Pearl Harbor home, all of which are personally narrated by Veterans who served aboard each ship.

By taking a Voices of Pearl Harbor Tour, you will have the opportunity of walking back in time to the days and War Stories of a favorite uncle. It is beyond comparison.

*As a bonus gift for each product you order you will receive a “Collectable” photo of Lauren Bruner or his ship the USS Arizona. Each “Collectable” is packaged with each item purchased.

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