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Missouri 2-Tokyo Bay


John Bollinger’s Story of the USS Missouri
At the Peace Signing on September 2, 1945
Oral History T-Shirt

On this exclusive Voices of Pearl Harbor T-Shirt design, John Bollinger shares his first hand account of being afraid that a “Lone Wolf Kamikaze” would crash into the Missouri in Tokyo Bay during the Peace Signing.

As part of John’s personal tour of the Missouri, he will share War Stories of this Great War Ship, of which he has never before spoken. This Oral History T-Shirt is one of four that are exclusive to Voices of Pearl Harbor and unavailable anywhere else.

Each will make a perfect gift and can be mailed directly with a note from you as the gift giver. Should you wish to wear John’s Oral History shirt recounting the signing of Peace, Voices of Pearl Harbor can have it delivered to your hotel the following day.

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