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Arizona Crew Bar


Smiths Union Bar / Hawaii’s Oldest
Lauren Bruner’s Favorite As A Sailor Of 21 &
Still Today Wear This T-Shirt & Your First Beer 
Is The World War II Price Of Only .25 Cents

This exclusive to Voices of Pearl Harbor T-Shirt design depicts the Original Logo of Hawaii’s oldest and continuous running Bar in downtown Honolulu. Lauren Bruner as a young sailor spent much time at Smiths Union, and to quote him, “Smith’s Union has not changed in over 70 years”.

Like Lauren’s personal Tour of the Arizona Memorial visiting Smith’s Union is “like a walk back in time” and is one of Laurens favorite places to visit whenever he returns to Hawaii.

One entire wall at Smith’s Union is dedicated to rare photos of the Arizona given to the bar and personally autographed by Lauren. As a tribute to Lauren and to Voices of Pearl Harbor Guests, the owner of Smith’s Union will offer anyone wearing this t-shirt a first beer at the World War II price of .25 cents.

If you are interested in seeing why Smith’s Union was the favorite “Watering Hole” of the Crew of the USS Arizona you are invited to drop by and it will be an experience you will never forget.

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