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Walter Beyer Shares The USS Bowfin’s 8th
War Patrol 
Oral History T-Shirt

Walter Beyer, the Navigational Quartermaster of the USS Bowfin Submarine, now berthed at Pearl Harbor shares on his Oral History T-Shirt what it was like to have a Japanese destroyer trying to sink you, as the Bowfin dove deeper and far beyond what was safe near the Sea of Japan.

The Voices of Pearl Harbor Tour of the USS Bowfin is one that you will always remember as Walter shares his War Stories, which include the Bowfin’s 7th, 8th and 9th War Patrols. His entire tour will literally keep you hanging on his every word, as in a submarine each time you dove below the water line death was near.

At 97 years young, Walter shares his wonderful first hand accounts of his boat and explains why a submarine is not called a ship, but rather a boat. Of the many World War II War Stories you have ever read, talked about or heard Walter’s accounts will be near the top of your list as favorites.

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